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Our Mission

At Future Preschool, we celebrate the joy of learning and maturing through play!  We believe that small class sizes, individual attention, a rich varied curriculum, and commitment to group play are the best ways to help our 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s develop social skills, social learning, and analytical reasoning.

Our Philosophy Program

Our program provides opportunities for each child to grow and learn through a variety of structured activities and free play experiences. Our age-appropriate curriculum allows children to explore ideas and develop skills through art, music dramatic play, creative movement and cooking. Field trips, interactive science experiences and readiness activities in reading and math further enhance the program.


We make sure that children are able to develop through a balanced and thoughtful educational methodology. Play-based learning as well as teacher guided learning form the basis of our everyday work. We have different learning areas so that children can explore the different skills that they may be interested in. This helps us identify interests and skills of each individual which in turns helps us to plan and encourage the next steps in their learning journey. We have created a secure and successful environment where children learn to communicate positively.

The learning environment is one of the key area for a pre-school to monitor and evaluate. This is done on a regular basis and ensured that it is designed and meets the interests and needs of the children. The staff ensures that there are possibilities and material for the children to use when exploring, communicating, investigating, creating and constructing. Future preschool exposes the children to different elements of learning and opportunities on a daily basis. This has been arranged so that all children get equal access to the curriculum.


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